63 days til #gally1 OMG!

I don’t know about anyone else but I definitely still have a lot left to do for my trip to California for Gally!

Though Hotel and plane is sorted – just need to figure out the rest of the week post Gally!  But why worry about that?




Which is pretty amazing (though not entirely surprising this year) – we’re at 63 days til and basically you already know if you are or are not going. I’ve had years where everything was very much last minute!

All I know right now is that I intend to bring my Doctor Who TV Movie DVD this year, since last year I got almost the entire cast to sign it with one very notable exception, Sylvester McCoy! But this coming year that ‘problem’ will be solved. For a person that doesn’t collect autographs every where I go – that’s a pretty rare feat. I actually have gotten McCoy’s autograph before back in 1998 at Visions in Chicago (Well just outside in Rosemont I believe?)

This year is gonna be pretty exciting I think and although I’m slightly nervous about the so many people attending they had to cut off attendance thing, I trust #Gally1 to make it so that we don’t feel overwhelmed.  They really do seem to take in what went on in previous years and make changes that usually iron out previous years bumps. And even the bumps generally aren’t all that bad.




Till the next episode of Doctor Who airs!  Yay. They call it the “Christmas Episode” …I dunno why. ;)    All I know is, I will never look at a snowman the same again!  (Don’t they look like what would happen if Jim Henson made a scary muppet movie?)


What plans are you still making for #Gally?


Are you crossing your fingers you don’t get a blizzard that shuts down your airport of choice? (I am!)

177 days Doctor Who to return in little over a week!

With only 177 days til #Gally1, and after a ton of flying rumours, the OFFICIAL date for the next block of Doctor Who episodes is September 1st on BBC America.



Day 178

I realize I’m way late posting this but here you go,


Arthur Darvill, Rory Williams will be at Gallifrey One in 2013. So that’s pretty awesome news.


It’s still pretty early, it leaves the mind to wonder what other guests will be announced!


In other Who news, it’s looking like Sept. 8th is the date to reserve for watching of Doctor Who in the UK and the US but that’s not actually official….just yet. LOL





OMG Doctor Who back in NYC ….sorta :P Day 184

While it’s probably not news to you by now, unless you live under a rock. Or just haven’t been Twitter or Facebook and ONLY read this blog, if you do, you’re missing a lot of good stuff! :P


At any rate, BBC America has announced a New York City premiere date and time for ‘Asylum of the Daleks’

Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 6 pm Followed immediately by a  Q&A  with Matt SmithKaren Gillan and executive producer Caroline Skinner.

Looks like in order to avoid the insane lines that broke out last time, they’re “selling” the tickets via a to be announced website.  The cost? 11 cents plus a 1dollar surcharge.

From the official announcement: We will announce the venue and ticket information tomorrow. Tickets go on sale TOMORROW Thursday, August 16 and will be made available exclusively through a link shared by the @BBCAmerica Twitter handle. Tickets will sell out fast so follow @BBCAmerica to be informed of the link as soon as it goes live!

I’m sure this will be interesting – and go REALLY fast, so keep an eye out and good  luck!

191 days

-If you aren’t already, be aware, the Gallifrey One hashtag is now #Gally1 due to some conflict with other things that decided to use #gally – *

So we’re at 191 days and as has been pointed out – I haven’t updated in quite some time.  This post changes that!

Not a whole lot of news, however the biggest news is of course a list of guests has been announced on the Gallifrey One website!

The latest addition of guests includes (from Scream of Shalka and Utopia)  The Master Sir Derek Jacobi.  (He’s also listed on IMDB as being in something called “Airlock, or How  Say Goodbye in Space.”*random note)

She kind of appeared in just about every ep of the last season of DW,   FRANCES BARBER, who played the ”Eye Patch Lady” (Madame Kovarian) will also be appearing at #gally1.

Also joining Gally in 2013 will be Bruno Langley, the obnoxious (I think) and thankfully short lived companion to Rose in Dalek and The Long Game. And it’s hardly the actor’s fault the character was written to be annoying. :)

Returning to Gally is the always entertaining FRAZER HINES.

The rest of the list includes DAN STARKEY (3 Sontaran characters)  FINN JONES (From The Sarah Jane Adventures) NEVE McINTOSH & CATRIN STEWART (The popular Silurian Madame Vastra and her sidekick Jenny).

Over on twitter @gallifreyone has posted that this year no autographs will be free.  For me this is disappointing as it was how I got most of my autographs and cuts down extremely on what I will be able to get in 2013.  While I understand it’s a financial issue on the part of Gallifrey One (They can afford/get more guests this way). Thankfully I find more enjoyment out of seeing the guests and hearing their stories from working on the show and whatever else they choose to share at the various panels.  Getting autographs was meerly a bonus and won’t detract from my enjoyment.

I’m quite sure this year, with an already amazing guest list, will prove to be very enjoyable!  (Along with the guests I get to say hi to all of you that I cross paths with!  Hah)

Stay tuned to @cat_isidor for the countdown, and to @gallifreyone for news!


Remember, this ain’t official but everyone seems to get a kick out of it. :)



Shout out to Five and Dime Girl @time_siren for kicking me in the pants to make a post! :)

* – yeah now I gotta make new ribbons and change the blog header….. LOL

We’re at 290 days – Oh boy! *updated*


Cause I just KNOW you wait for new info to come from my blog. …right?

So anyway, as detailed below there’s been a huge OMG the 100 dollar a night hotel block sold out.

There are now rooms avilable at the second round con rate of 125. Use gally code DRWDRWE at the Marriott site

Gallifrey One has been spending the past few hours on Twitter it seems to reassure go-ers and potential go-ers that all is well in Gally-land and well…Don’t Panic. In friendly letters.  Do check out the @gallifreyone twitter feed for oodles of info. Of course they suggest many alternate hotel ideas, the big down side being that unlike the Gally hotel, these are mostly all pay now to lock in your room not just reservations w/no money up front. I can appreciate people’s concerns in this area since having the money on hand this early in the year can be difficult. How many of us pretty much use our tax return money to get us there? (Or is it just me? :P )

Another factor coming at Gally this year is that it’s without a doubt gonna be massive, compared to past Gallys.  With pre-reg already at 1300 people things are clearly off to a huge start.  And not a single guest has even been announced.  Your guess is as good as mine of course as to who will be the guests in 2013, but the mind boggles at who they will be.  Or who it won’t be.

Can’t wait for that information.  :P





Well I can’t exactly say I didn’t see that one coming.

Apparently over night the initial block of rooms for #Gally sold out in an hour.  Considering how fast they got swallowed up last year, and it being the 50th anniversary and the suspicion of big time guests for the 2013 con, it’s a bit surprising people are as surprised as they are.

Of course many of us were WTF?

When we saw a few tweets about it this morning, not really believing since there was absolutely no public statement about it on the Gallifrey One website or on Twitter.  The official word has come down and that was kinda the idea. To do it quietly not tick people off.

A quiet announcement for the people that pre-registered. I pre-reg’d yesterday but being as I didn’t get an email that wasn’t soon enough. Which is okay, I just didn’t have the cash.

I think it sounds like there will be another block but it’s probably anyone’s guess who will be “lucky” enough to get the 100 a night rate. Unfortunately the off con rate is 169 which is a good bit more then it was last year. Economics people I’m sure could explain the why.  Something to do with inflation or something. If I remember correctly, last year snagging a slightly over 100 dollars a room off Gally rate was doable.


There are of course plenty of within  a few min walk of the con hotels that are cheaper or at least not likely to sell out anytime soon. Do be sure to check out the official site for all news and info. They also have a short list of local hotels and some current prices with the subject to change caveat.


And just a few minutes ago @gallifreyone tweeted “We’re also working on some additional, creative solutions (possibly a new block at *slightly* higher rate) – stay tuned! #gally”

We’re at 303 days left…

So one thing that happens at Gallifrey One is that many many of the attendees dress up like characters from the show.  Some call it ‘Costumeing’ some call it ‘CosPlay’, whatever you call it it’s pretty fun and can be as easy or hard as you want it to be.

I mean that in a good way, for example someone like me tries to keep it easy.  I am more keen on evoking the character then getting every-last-detail-down-to-the-button.   Literally.   I think it is absolutely wonderful that there are people that can recreate characters’ costumes perfectly but I need to face that I am just not that organized and disciplined to pull something together like many of the great cosplayers I see at Gally.

And I must say there are people at Gallufrey One that blow us all away every year and people say ‘they can’t top that next year’ but they do. It is a obvious love for costuming and Doctor Who that leads them to great projects year after year.

From Space Pirate Queen at Defective Geeks  a selection of photos of great cosplay from Gallifrey.

Did you show off a costume at Gally?  Leave a comment and share :)




And the countdown…stalls?

Hey sorry to anyone that checks here now and then, been rather lazy obviously. :-)

I do mean to make more posts, real life kinda reminded me I can’t just surf the Web all day long, much as I would love to lol. 

So don’t fret, though why would you, there will be another proper post sooner or later.

Any one want to write a gally related post lemme know….haha


353 days…Podcasts and an observation.

Out of Gallifrey One 23 have come a lot of podcasts many recorded at the con itself – and even at least one in the lobby.

From the Two-minute Time Lord, a look at DW podcasting from a panel at Gallyinterview with MythBuster’s Grant Imahara  Also a post-Gally observation about Doctor Who

Radio Free Skaro (recorded) live from Gally,  do check out their other podcasts, there are several Gally related ones.

Also counting down til next Gally is Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway Warning there are/may be spoilers for DW old and new and Sherlock.

I am going to point out one  Traveling the Vortex podcast,  however they’re all quite extensive and interesting as are the text posts among the recorded ones. Do check them out, if you missed Gally, you’ll get a sense of what you missed. There are also a lot of great photos as well.

The one I’m making note of however, would be this one.  About day 2 and it makes note of the “Little con problems”  including the ATM machine that ran out of cash despite the fee.  Which is pretty much out of the con organizers hands I would think. But more interesting I thought was the remark of  ”Everyone’s well mannered…everyone’s been well behaved.”

Gallifrey One is, from just about all accounts, the best convention out there.  Although I personally have been to less then 10 conventions, the majority of them Gallifrey One, I am saddened by the fact that people being well behaved at a con is not entirely…common.

So carry on Gallifrey One attendees, staff, guests, etc being awesome. Cause you are. :)

Lastly if you have a podcast I’ven’t listed here or on the Links page please contact me on twitter @cat_isidor or in the comments below.

The countdown continues tomorrow…








354 days Til…

The countdown continues and I thought I’d look at an interesting thing that unsurprisingly turned up during Gally: #BelieveinSherlock post-it notes as well as a few Sherlock cosplayers.

I am not surprised at all that Doctor Who fans are taking to the modern remake of Sherlock Holmes after all a brilliant yet unconventional hero with a companion that keeps him grounded? Where have I heard that before? ;)

While this isn’t the only spotting of #BelieveInSherlock post-its, this is an interesting story regarding a bit of it from Shark In Space

Thanks quarridors, Sherlock cosplayers!   http://yfrog.com/h3cp6fhj

And also in other news, Matt Smith was on UK Top Gear last night. Thanks Blogtor Who