Day 356

The countdown continues, we are are 356 days left.

Here are a few reviews and videos from Gallifrey One 2012:

I think I ran into this getting filmed a few times, Athena Stamos and Brad Hansen  for CraveOnline.  I’m not in it at all. :p

Cons are cool Friday recap

Photographer  Rachel McCauley has a photo blog post from Gally. Interesting thing about the first photo, it’s of a cyberman. That costume is actually made out of foam or something, which looking at it you wouldn’t guess at all! It looks amazing though. So kudos to the maker of that costume.

From i09 Gender-swapped Doctors are our new favorite form of Doctor Who cosplay

Gallifrey Gal recaps Saturday

In related news, Doctor Who star Matt Smith will be this week’s Star in a reasonably priced car in UK’s other popular show, Top Gear.  He follows his previous incarnations in getting behind the wheel of the Kia C’d (Yes they really call it that.)

More reviews as I come across them.

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