353 days…Podcasts and an observation.

Out of Gallifrey One 23 have come a lot of podcasts many recorded at the con itself – and even at least one in the lobby.

From the Two-minute Time Lord, a look at DW podcasting from a panel at Gallyinterview with MythBuster’s Grant Imahara  Also a post-Gally observation about Doctor Who

Radio Free Skaro (recorded) live from Gally,  do check out their other podcasts, there are several Gally related ones.

Also counting down til next Gally is Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway Warning there are/may be spoilers for DW old and new and Sherlock.

I am going to point out one  Traveling the Vortex podcast,  however they’re all quite extensive and interesting as are the text posts among the recorded ones. Do check them out, if you missed Gally, you’ll get a sense of what you missed. There are also a lot of great photos as well.

The one I’m making note of however, would be this one.  About day 2 and it makes note of the “Little con problems”  including the ATM machine that ran out of cash despite the fee.  Which is pretty much out of the con organizers hands I would think. But more interesting I thought was the remark of  ”Everyone’s well mannered…everyone’s been well behaved.”

Gallifrey One is, from just about all accounts, the best convention out there.  Although I personally have been to less then 10 conventions, the majority of them Gallifrey One, I am saddened by the fact that people being well behaved at a con is not entirely…common.

So carry on Gallifrey One attendees, staff, guests, etc being awesome. Cause you are. :)

Lastly if you have a podcast I’ven’t listed here or on the Links page please contact me on twitter @cat_isidor or in the comments below.

The countdown continues tomorrow…








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