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So one thing that happens at Gallifrey One is that many many of the attendees dress up like characters from the show.  Some call it ‘Costumeing’ some call it ‘CosPlay’, whatever you call it it’s pretty fun and can be as easy or hard as you want it to be.

I mean that in a good way, for example someone like me tries to keep it easy.  I am more keen on evoking the character then getting every-last-detail-down-to-the-button.   Literally.   I think it is absolutely wonderful that there are people that can recreate characters’ costumes perfectly but I need to face that I am just not that organized and disciplined to pull something together like many of the great cosplayers I see at Gally.

And I must say there are people at Gallufrey One that blow us all away every year and people say ‘they can’t top that next year’ but they do. It is a obvious love for costuming and Doctor Who that leads them to great projects year after year.

From Space Pirate Queen at Defective Geeks  a selection of photos of great cosplay from Gallifrey.

Did you show off a costume at Gally?  Leave a comment and share :)





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